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30 Oct 2017
Graphic Desig


The type of fear which I shall tackle in the following paragraphs is definitely an every single day feeling or phenomenon. Fear is a totally human reaction and feeling disregarding man's age, looks, nerves, muscles or how bold he/she is. From the psychological perspective, fear is understood to be among the basic senses or emotions that man feels. However, it may accompany anger, pleasure, grieve, or sadness. In most cases, fear is assigned to those emotions emanating from real tangible or intangible dangers. But, it stands in the opposite affiliate with concern or yearning, that are normally resulting from an unexpected, threat, danger of whatsoever.
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Fear may seem whenever a man is subjected to an awkward or humiliating situation, or if you watch others undergoing such fear themselves, or when receiving some horrific news. Frequency or long exposure to fear may lead a guy to a state of insufficient balance, particularly when a guy resists his fatigue, emotional setbacks, agitation, the organic changes he is undergoing resulting from the nervous apparatus, like increased rate of adrenaline, abnormal cardiac beats, which are all accompanied by sweating, xerostomia and other symptoms. But, this isn't the situation at all. The situation is, just how can the graphic designer face this fear ? How can her control such fear in a positive way? Just how can he succeed to utilize his fears inside an imaginative way?

This phenomenon is well known among graphic designers regardless of their professionalism, but it hits it utmost levels among graphic design students. However, it takes a special form when it is brought to the job with all of its problems. It stems from two main sources: Insufficiency of the student, and the expanding gap between what he has learned and the market demands. Another case is the inconsistency between the student and the co-workers, i.e. lack of a language of communication backward and forward. Insufficient knowledge of the job from the artist, would also create an awkward situation towards the designer himself and would lead him to frustration and tension.

Like other creative men, a picture designer must live a unique condition of creativity by which he is able to reach the climax by creating a complete work which realizes the long aimed hopes. Living this type of state will need him to create out a design, which is a simple and direct visual means of communication that penetrates deeply into the conception from the receiver.

But, where would this case be ?

How does the concept evolve ?

Just how can the graphic designer reach to some state of both creativity and invention? Both states mainly depend on ale the designer to beat the state of confusion and uncertainty, which often starts with the first steps of concepts evolution. Afterwards, such state would gradually develop and switch to fear. It is quite essential that the designer should overcome his fears by overlooking this state, which the fear might reach.

To overcome this barrier, the designer must have three main things:

1- Self-awareness ,

2- Self-acceptance, and

3- Self-respect.

These conditions and perquisites can help the designer maintain his ideas, and the tools of executing them. On owning such conditions, the designer can utilize and rehearse his personal potentialities, and be open to creative and artistic ideas and experiences. They would enable him to explore the truth, and to be careful in the feelings, behaviors and practices. These main aspects would form an ideal setting to encourage the designer to operate either alone or within a team, with a positive effect and outcomes which will guide him towards creativity.

However, creativity, or lets say "creative thinking", and problem-solving skills largely depend upon the designer's ability to organize and classify his information, and extract the key and useful information. To understand this, he should be knowledgeable about the required work, his environment, the message he intends to deliver, and the way to execute his ideas. Each one of these would grant him a kind of self-protection and defense to his ideas. He'd always be strong to collapse his confusion and fear.

When would fear & creativity be created?

Both professional and non-professional designers have their shares in these feelings, wherever they are or what their ages are. It's a very common phenomenon among workers if this creative field. But, graphic designers would reflect this sort of feeling quite differently in the others. They use high sense of professionalism and efficiency to convey a certain message to a certain audience, to present a certain service or perhaps a product within an attractive and distinctive way. Naturally, there is no need that the artist includes a belief with what he's creating; instead, he should employ his ideas or deigns to satisfy the desires from the client.

Here comes fear and concern. The good artist may wish to realize perfection in the pieces of arts, by introducing a simple and good idea, a unique theme, unused before, and implementing it in different ways using distinctive techniques. We believe these are the conditions of any creative work on invention, plus they reflect the personality from the inventor himself, and for that reason they should contribute to create a condition of fear or concern which may lead to some type of imbalance, they would find out the designer's potentialities intuition and intelligence in overcoming this ordeal.

We must not disregard the correlation between graphics and also the different factors of life, i.e. cultural, economic, political, social along with other, which keep forcing themselves upon the designer. It might necessitate that he become informative and educated in various aspects of life. This is an important requisite in almost any advertising or media equation. The graphics became one of the very most significant industries today. It's closely associated with information technology and computer sciences. Moreover, a picture designer is measured by his ability to speaking the Era's language fluently!


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